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Just Won't Quit
by ladyfae

He was pacing again restless and hungry, like the beast that lay in waiting in him. He knew he should leave her alone. End this insanity before it starts, but he couldn't. He wanted . . . She was something he craved. It wasn't the same as what happened with Buffy. He didn't want her. He needed her here. There was no danger. She was Willow. What danger could there be? She lacked Buffy's wild exuberance, she didn't try him, she was like soothing balm to his existence, like a gift from heaven sent to heal him, be with him.   And I never really sleep anymore, and I always get those dangerous dreams

The restlessness hadn't eased, it wouldn't not until he'd seen her, touched her. It was an ever growing weakness that forced him to her window night after night. It was a strange mixture of worry and loneliness that brought them together. His loneliness, her tender heart, he preyed on her generosity. Took every moment she would give him and reluctantly faded to the shadows when the morning light chased away the night.

And I never get a minute of peace,
and I gotta wonder what it means

The voices wouldn't let him go held in the thrall of their darkness, moments lost and memories found. He trembled with the weight of it all, hungry again, ravenous. There was only one thing that fed his need that eased his pain. He paced the large well-furnished room, paused to stare into the dancing flames, his mind turning inward. He watched as the dreams became real.

Maybe it's nothing and I'm under the weather,
Maybe it's just one of those bugs going round

She saw him then, bending under the pressures of weights, and burdens too great for him to bare alone. She waited, wondering what to do. Did she reveal herself, encroach upon his personal grief, yet how could she not? Dear to my heart. She stepped forward, fleetingly worried about startling him into awareness. Her hand hovered just above his bowed shoulders as she hesitated.

Maybe I'm under a spell and it's magic,
Maybe there's a witch doctor with an office in town

 She was so close he could hear the cadence of her heart. She was ready to touch him when he became aware, and a million unthought of hungry needs spiraled uncalled through him. He turned sharply as her soft tiny hand touched his shoulders.  "Willow," he breathed her name softly, standing in a fluid motion to stare down into now familiar eyes. Why had she come? Was she here to torment his soul, another creature of light and laughter to lose?

Oh is this a blessing or is it a curse?
Does it get any better?
Can it get any worse?

He stared down at her longingly, the hunger heated and morphed into something even more unsettling. He wanted to keep her, to never let her go. When had that happened he wonder, as he stared down at her. She was smiling. Her eyes were bright, clear, warm and giving. She trembled. Angel caught the slight movement and backed away, thinking that she was reacting to him. She set down across from him after a moment.

Will it go on forever or is it over tonight?
Does it come with the darkness?
Does it bring out the light?
Is it richer than diamonds or
just a little cheaper than spit?

He watched her his eyes going over her slender form.

"What?" she demanded nervously.

He stared at her not sure what she was talking about. <Am I staring? ...I'm staring. > He realized looking away from her.  "Nothing, I mean . . . " He stopped looking back at Willow.

She smiled softly at Angel, and shook her head. "I have to go, Angel I just came by to make sure you were okay." She said, standing and turning to face the door. She took a single step before Angel's cool finger tips clamped down on her wrist restraining her movement. She tensed involuntarily as his hand captured hers. He turned her gently to face him. She opened her mouth to say something but no sound issued forth, and she found herself entranced by the unfamiliar glow in his eyes. <Oh wow. > She thought as he stared down at her. <What's that? > "You are okay?" She asked finally staring back with equal intensity

I don't know what it is,
I don't know what it is
but it just won't quit

He stared down at her his eyes seeming to take on the demonic glow of the vampire before banking and turning back to the liquid brown that she knew. "I...I don't know." He said finally. He released her hand and set on the couch. She bit her lip lightly in a fashion he'd come to recognize as her contemplative gesture that and the slight furrowing of an elegant brow. "Well what's not right?" She asked sitting next to him. He looked at her searching his mind for how to tell her what was happening to him, she would think he deserved it. He did but it was making him crazy and dangerous. He couldn't afford to have that happening, not with so many innocent people still in danger.

I don't know what it is
but it just won't quit

 "I am having trouble sleeping." He said finally, that much was true and maybe she could help him with that he doubted it.  
"Bad dreams?"  
"Angelus?" She questioned gently not wanting to make this any more painful for him. She knew he wasn't sleeping well had watched over him for the last week or so. Keeping her distance so he didn't know she watched but she heard each of his anguished whimpers and had searched frantically for a way to help. Now she had to wait for him to ask. That was the hardest thing she'd ever done. The waiting it was so hard. She had the power to help but if he didn't ask for it she could do nothing.

And there used to be such an easy way of living,
And there used to be every hope in the world,
And I used to get everything that I went after,
But there never used to be this girl,
but there never used to be this girl

He stared at her through barely open eyes his own tiredness making him weak. "Trouble, when was the last time you slept the day through?" she asked gently.

He looked down not meeting her suddenly piercing green gaze.  "I've gotten enough," he said.

Willow reached out and laid a hand gently on his shoulder, "Tell me."

He drew in a slow breath. "The last time you were here. When I was wounded and you stayed." He said finally looking into her gaze.

She blushed slightly at the reminder of that night and the tender care she'd given to him. She couldn't have said where that had come from. He pulled at something deep within her, reminding her of a child unwanted and unloved for too long. "You didn't dream?" She asked curiously. Lacking dreams wasn't really good either, but it was better then the nightmares that kept him from true rest now.

He looked down again thinking. He froze. She would have to ask that. Yeah he'd dreamed. He wasn't sure what to make of those dreams and now that she had asked they all came streaming to the surface of his mind, making his face heat with embarrassment.

Maybe I'm crazy and I'm losing my senses,
Maybe I'm possessed by a spirit or such,
Maybe I'm desperate and I've got no defenses,
Can you get me a prescription for that one perfect touch?

Her being there had eased his fears and held the demons that haunted him at bay, but he feared that another demon had awakened by her tender care and her loving touch.

"Angel?" She questioned gently drawing him out of his contemplations.

"I dreamed," he said softly, "just not the bad ones."

"Good, maybe if you think about whatever you dreamed you'll be able to stop the nightmares." She said not looking at him so she didn't see the look of shock that crossed his handsome face.

"No, I don't think so. It was you." He said, "you being here for some reason it helped." She licked her lips absently looking up at the strange sound that filled the room, Angel was watching her with a strange look on his face one she couldn't recall ever seeing amid at her before.

"So what you want me to stay. I can if you wish. I mean it's no big deal." She said and then she stood, "it's settled, come on time to tuck you in." She pulled him gently into the next room. She closed the door behind them and pushed him over to the bed. She turned away from him for a moment to set down the bag she had brought with her.

"Come on time for bed." She said adopting a parental tone with the handsome vampire. He smiled softly at her and climbed into bed having shed his outer garments. She turned around to face him and smiled."Don't worry," she said, seeing the worried look on his handsome face." I'll make this right Angel."

Oh is this a blessing or is it a curse?
Does it get any better?
Can it get any worse?

She began to move around the room and then stopped at the end of the bed where the large back pack she had brought with her was. She opened it and began to remove the contents, she smiled when he stiffened at the sight of a large ceremonial sword. "Don't worry, I am not going to draw anything more then air with it, besides it is a magical blade to taste blood in anger would ruin its power." She smiled at the curious look he was giving her.

"Willow, can I help. I do know magic, and I feel ridiculous watching you do this while lying here in bed." He said finally starting to get up.

She chuckled softly and shook her head yes. "Come on."

"What do I do?" He asked looking at her out of the corner of his eye.

"You call fire and earth." She said motioning to the south then north, "and I'll do air and water." She said indicating the two other directions with a quick flick of her arms.

He shook his head and waited for her to begin. She moved to the eastern corner of the circle, and slowly began to call the corner. Her voice was deep and vibrant and washed over Angel in a wash of peace. He picked up her words as she finished repeating the call for the south, then west and north. She smiled, and led him to the center of the circle and had him kneel before her. He slowly went to his knees before her realizing that he'd forgotten to find out just what she was doing.

He listened to her words as she began the spell, surprised that she spoke so fervently for him. She held up a long light blue taper and began inscribing rune symbols onto the wax surface. He watched surprised by the power that jumped at her command he could feel it all around them . . .

Will it go on forever or is it over tonight?
Does it come with the darkness?
Does it bring out the light?
It's a stairway to heaven or
a subway going down to the pits

He could feel it raising in himself and answering her. She smiled and drew the dagger across her own arm, he watched fascinated as blood dripped into the goblet that served as her chalice. She smiled poured in another dark colored liquid and held it up to him to drink. Had she been anyone else, even Buffy he would have hesitated but this willow. Powerful beautiful loving Willow and he downed the entire contents without hesitation. She smiled warmly and motioning with her hands dismissed the elemental forces she had summoned. She made a slight gesture in the air a reversing pentagram that would release the elements and leave the protective barrier she had created in place, effectively trapping her with him for the rest of the day.

Is it some kind of love?
I don't know what it is
but it just won't quit

She smiled and walked over to where he stood. "Come on time to rest sleep and dream things sweet." She whispered against his cheek as she placed a gentle kiss on the cool flesh there.

He smiled down at her shocked. He leaned over and brushed a single strand of her copper locks from her face and slowly moved to get into the large bed. "Will you...that is could you stay with me? here?" he asked timidly fearing she would take it wrong, but she only smiled and scampered over to the other side and sliding beneath the sheets and snuggling into his offered embrace. He smiled content for the moment to hold her near and rest as she instructed. Dream . . .


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