Title: My Lady
Author: Lady Saille
Rating R
Disclaimer: Obi-Wan and Padme belong to Mr. Lucas.
Note: This is completely AU no real spoilers I don’t think.

‘My Lady’
She sighed softly, not turning around. A strong hand settled on her shoulder fingers moved tenderly caressing, reassuring. It was not an intimate touch, just a slight pressure of his hand on her shoulder; she could feel the warmth of his body as he stepped closer.
So few people touched her anymore. “My Lady?” in those two words were a wealth of questions. Was she fine, emotionally and physically? Was she ready? Did she need more time? Did she understand the why and how of it? So many questions bound up in that single set of words. The fingers on her shoulder flexed, and she knew he wanted her to face him.

She turned around slowly, her eyes lifting to meet his pale hazel gaze. His eyes held a wealth of other things, emotions so carefully checked showed wildly in his steady gaze. The hand that had rested on her shoulder slid down her arm to capture her trembling hand. His thumb brushed strangely reassuring patterns over her knuckles. She parted her lips to speak, before closing her mouth again unable to find her voice. His touch reassuring and disquieting all at once.

What should she say? She had no idea how to react to this. She had assumed that she would not be seeing the handsome Jedi again. So much had changed in the months since she’d been forced into hiding. Her only company her loyal handmaidens. My Lady was all she ever heard anymore. Even in private her handmaidens seemed determined to maintain a certain amount of distance. She respected that but it made her miss the warmth in which she had once heard her given name spoken.

The Jedi before her never said her name. His greetings were always warm, and accompanied a welcome touch of both mind and body, but her name never passed his lips. At once point it had been Senator, now it was merely My Lady.

“How are things on Coruscant?” she finally mumbled, her voice slightly raspy with the lateness of the hour. A heavy cloud cover hid the stars from view; even the brightness of the three moons only managed to penetrate the clouds in a few places casting the night in thick velvet blackness.

“Things are as they have been,” He said after seeming to consider the question carefully. She sighed, as they have been meant there was no change and she would not be returning to her duties. She sighed keeping tract of the going-ons of the senate had proven somewhat difficult on this out of the way world. Obi-Wan sent her transmissions featuring the latest public news, worried that anything else would draw attention to her whereabouts.

“How…” She trailed off after a moment, “How are you?” she asked finally. Not sure why asking him such a question seemed strangely intimate. He smiled then a soft warm smile she saw far to little.

“I am well, M’lady” he murmured, she nodded once. That is all he would say. She knew this; he never went into much detail. It was his way. Sometimes he would tell her about places he’d been. Show her logs of the planet’s he’d visited over the years. Mostly however they existed in a strange sort of limbo.

She realized after a moment that he still held her hand in his, his thumb still rubbing comforting circles in the cool skin of her hand. She drew in a shaky breath forcing down unwarranted emotions. He reached forward slowly, the fingers of his other hand gently curving to cup one of her slightly reddened cheek.

She tried to force her lips into an easy smile, surprised when his hand slid down her check to cup her chin lightly. His thumb brushed gently over her bottom lip, sending a tendril of pleasure through her. She bit her lip softly when his hand drifted again, seeming content to caress along her hairline. She shivered again as those fingers tucked a strand of wayward hair behind her ear.

She continued to worry her bottom lip as he studied her face, seeming to be searching for something she could not fathom. She started to speak only to find her voice had once more deserted her. She caught his eyes once more surprised to see there normally pale hazel had darkened considerably, a shiver passed through her again, as his hand slid once more to capture her chin, his thumb moving lightly over the sensitive flesh of her bottom lip.

“My Lady,” he whispered softly. There was no mistaking the strange possessive twist those words had. She had so often wondered if he even knew her name, he’d certainly never used it. Only now as she studied his face in the absence of light did she realize the truth.

He felt possessive of her. That knowledge should have bothered her set her off, as Anakin’s interest had nearly one year ago. She’d gently told the young man that it could never be. That she could no more change who she was then he could. He’d doubted her at first. So certain that she must love him in return. He’d seen it he insisted. Well she didn’t believe in fate. She believed that the only things that you had no control over in life where the first hand of cards you where dealt. What you did with those cards was what decided your fate.

She refused to tie herself to a boy who could not see who she really was. “Where are you?” he asked softly. His eyes searching hers.

“I was thinking,” she managed to respond after a lengthy moment.

“About.” He whispered not pointing out how obvious that fact was.

“How things change.” He nodded once. She felt a smile tug at her lips again. Wanting desperately to end the strange impasse they seemed to be at but having no idea how to do so.

She smelled of sunlight and fresh rain washed flowers. He was aware of it the moment he’d entered the rooms, the sweet fragrance that would forever be bound up with her in his mind. He moved quietly toward her still form. A slight but familiar ache started in his chest. He wanted to hold her to ease her troubled mind. The force around her shook with her worries and fears.

This beautiful, delicate yet strong woman called to him in away that no one else ever had. He couldn’t seem to stop touching her. It had gone far beyond what he could safely call appropriate. His thumb moving fleetingly over her soft, full bottom lip had sent a tendril of pleasure through him. He’d been silently elated to realize he had a reciprocal effect on her.

He was well aware of the fact that she was starved for touch. She’d once confessed to him that she’d not known how to react the first time he’d touched her. It had not been even remotely inappropriate it had merely been that as the queen few people had dared to enter into her space, and she had always felt unable to breach it herself. As Padme she had been able to reach out for others but she’d always felt certain awkwardness.

He been unable to resist the temptation to run his thumb lightly over that bottom lip again. He was certain his voice betrayed the possessive thoughts filling his mind. He was no better then his Padawan. Hungering for possession. For her, he should turn from her and leave. Should stop this before it went some place he could not retreat from.

“Things do change.” He agreed after a moment remembering she had spoken. Change they certainly had. He no longer looked at her as simply a mission or a senator to protect, she had become his friend, and he knew that what he felt bordered on the forbidden for him.

“Yes some things remain true.” She said, and somehow he realized she was talking about him. She considered him steadfast. He wondered fleetingly if she would feel that way if she knew what his thoughts contained at the moment. He reached forward to brush his fingers along her cheek yet again. He couldn’t seem to stop.

With a sigh of reluctant accaptance, he allowed his hand to slide where it clearly wished to go. Watching with fascination as he pulled her gently into his arms. His mind alert for any protest from her. Nothing but elation and warm pleasure danced in the force around her as she eagerly allowed herself to be drawn to him. He sighed in pleasure, nuzzling his nose into the sweetly scented locks at her crown. He brushed his lips against the soft flesh there.

He drew back only far enough to capture her soft brown gaze with his own. He saw pleasure and curiosity staring back at him. The force echoed it loudly. He watched with fascination as she absently brushed her tongue over soft pink lips. Leaving a tempting sheen on her lush bottom lip. Obi-wan closed his eyes against the temptation that whispered through him. He’d have to only lean slightly forward to capture those softly parted lips.

‘Please’ he gasped realizing she had somehow heard his desire. He studied her hard, knowing he should not, knowing that he was breaking every rule he’d ever learned. Only at the moment everything around him including the gleaming brightness of the force seemed to clamor for him to at last sample what he craved.

Her lips parted immediately under his, welcoming his possession. A soft whimper of pleasure escaped her lips, wreaking havoc with his good intentions. He’d meant only to sample the sweetness of her kiss. Only to find himself unable, no unwilling to relinquish what he’d found.

He explored the warm wetness of her mouth with barely leashed aggression wanting to claim in spite of himself. To mark and meld all at once. She whimpered, her hands slipped from around his neck to the front of his cloak. He thought fleetingly in the haze of pleasure that she might be attempting to draw away only to feel those trembling hands curl in the front of his robe pulling him more tightly against her. Her mouth opening more fully under his. After an endless moment he released her lips, watching as she drew in deep breaths of air. He eyes wide with surprise and pleasure.

“My Lady I shouldn’t have.” He started only to have his words silenced by her lips. He gasped, apparently his Lady had no intention of letting him back away from this, to retreat to the safety of his Jedi identity. He felt it then the barely leashed passion bubbling in the woman before him. He felt something else too, possessiveness. She felt the same way about him. ‘Mine’ he heard the word in his mind as surely as if she’d spoken it aloud. Her gaze smoldered with it. Her mouth demanded response.

He gasped softly, his body fairly burning with need. Her hand moved over his clothed chest, fingers slipping beneath material to caress warm flesh. He allowed himself to be pushed backward toward the bedroom.

He knew he shouldn’t, he should stop this now before it went to far. Her hand slid low on his waist, strangely shy. Her lips left his to sample the flesh of his neck, sending warm chills through his body centering in a southern direction. Bringing his already burning desire to a fever pitch. He groaned deeply. The woman in his arms appeared to enjoy the sound for repeated the caress drawing another growl of pleasure from his throat.

They needed to talk about this before he lost all ability to think. He could not have regret between them. He couldn’t stand the thought of her regretting were ever this was going. As if he didn’t know, for all his Jedi training at the moment he was very much only a man, in the throes of passion. He was acutely aware of the proximity of her lushly covered bed; his mind painted a picture of what she would look like sprawled beneath him. Her small frame writhing in ecstasy beneath him.

Even as he told himself he could not. It was wrong, she was vulnerable. He could not stop himself from molding her slender form to the hard lines of his. He wanted to touch her learn her. See if his mind’s imagining had done justice to her passion.

“We shouldn’t” he mumbled half-heartedly, drawing her more tightly against him as he spoke, leaning to capture her lips anew. The frantic wildness grew between them. He could sense it in the force a living thing untamed and demanding. It cared not for right and wrong or duty.

This was right. He realized, even if everything else in the universe was wrong, this moment. This time, this act was right. He lifted her easily in his arms. No words passing between them. Permission asked and granted in the language that lovers alone knew. Her soft mewls of pleasure telling him more truly then any words that this was what she wanted, needed, something real and tangible.

Soft gasps and pleased moans, the music of silken cloth pulled away to reveal creamy satin flesh. Lips leaving trails of fiery pleasure along soft sloping curves. Flesh that blushed the most appealing shade of rose as it was revealed.

Bodies arching, pulling, small hands slipping beneath fabric to tease and trace flesh marred by scares encasing muscles that flexed and moved under her touch. Her soft gasps captured by warm lips. Dewy kisses pressed against flesh demanding attention. Fingers tracing lines and curves, clothing falling away leaving skin against heated skin.

Her soft, whimpers rising in his ears as his hands played over her flesh, seeming to know almost on instinct what would bring her the most pleasure. Like familiar lovers they arched and moved, dancing in counterpoint, and complement.

A sharp cry spilling from her lips as he joined there straining bodies. Her nails digging into his shoulders welcome pinpricks of pain that centered himself on her. He could feel everything, her everything, the strangely foreign sensation of fullness that swam between them, the incredibly tight, hot, wet sensations that were his own. He gasped, soft deep groans slipping from between his lips as he caught her bright eyes in the shadows. He held her gaze as he moved.

Making love to her with is eyes as surely as his body. The urgent meeting of flesh mirrored in the twining of thoughts. That crested in a nearly violent pinnacle of pleasure and indigo color. He lay heavily against her. His breath brushing along her sweaty neck. He leaned down brushing his tongue lightly over flesh that he had no doubt would bare his marks in the light of day.

Strangely the regret and guilt he expected to feel never came. Instead he was calm, and serene and more sated then he’d ever been. He settled to one side, drawing her into his arms. Wondering if she would want to talk. To make sense out of what had just happened between them

‘Yes talk we will, we must, but not now’ she thought ruefully, pressing tiny kisses to the side of his neck. He sighed in pleasure, tightening his arm around her. This was right, this was were he belonged, where they belonged. The knowledge was instinctive, and the force seemed to move over then in a gentle caress as if comforting them.