'You must love me-
How can you talk like that when I sing only for you '
~The Angel of Music /Christine
Leroux's Phantom of the Opera

Phantom of the Opera Phiction

To Darkness Drawn
A strange first person counterpoint of the thoughts of Christine and the Phantom. Set somewhere after the Masque.

To Darkness Drawn-Raoul
Raouls thoughts up to and including the final curtain.

Sing for Me
Christine's muddled feelings at least beginning to make sense.

First Person, Christine Daae's thoughts after she does the unthinkable.

The Truth
First Person, Christine's thoughts after she makes a suprising choice.
The Truth-Erik
First Person, Erik has a revelation of sorts
The Truth-Resolutions
The final installment of the Truth story,
First Person alternating between Erik and Christine

Charon Waiting
Third Person, an unlikely event set into motion by a young woman's fear.

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