Sing For Me

Sing for me
The words were seductive, sweet, husky and filled with longing, they whispered against my neck, into my wild tresses. I shook my head in denial even as I parted my lips and lifted my voice is acquiescence. His large hands rested on my shoulders taping out a rhythm like a fleshy metronome.

My Angel Sing
He breathed against my neck, his lips almost touching, my body seemed to come alive with a thousand never before felt sensations, and yet each one seemed somehow agonizingly right. It was all so familiar, his breath bathing my neck, the bare edge of my shoulder, his fingers curled around my upper arm, crushing the silk and lace in a strong grip, he pulled me tightly against him, reminding me of the nature of this song, the seductive call of the lyrics, the promises made in breathy moans, and deep ringing cries.

God what was wrong with me, I knew what I was meant to be doing, and yet I could not find the strength to draw away from him. To reveal him to all, he turned me sharply, enwrapping me in his heated embrace, his hands, or mine I couldn't tell drew seductive patterns over my corsetted middle, his fingers slipped from mine suddenly caressing me with feverish passion even as the words continued to fall from my mouth.

Sing for me
He turned me again, moving me to his will, as he'd always done, I was never more than a puppet, a voice, a body and soul completely in his control, he could have taken me all those months ago in a delirium of music induced pleasure and I would have been none the wiser, the hunger was there in his strange amber eyes. Even as I saw it I understood, he wanted no unknowing sacrifice, he wanted an answering passion.

No going back now
Oh how foolish I was, so innocent and naive to think I understood, he wanted me, all of me, and if he could not have me he would have nothing. I realized in that moment I wanted him as well. I wanted everything he offered me, every dark, barely dared to dream of thing. He wanted me, and if he meant to have me, it would be on my terms, this would not end as he desired, though I think in the end we would both get what we wanted.

All I ask
There was no easy way out of this, in the middle of the stage, there was no easy way to escape, not for me and not for him. I faced him, quietly determined listening to him sing sweet words of love, when before all there had been were burning, wild lust.

Oh my Angel.
It reached up calmly, studying his smoldering eyes, feeling my heart beat quicken still more as he dragged my trembling fingers against his silken lips, so passionate my Angel. Guilt ate at my heart, guilt and fear, for what I was about to do. I caressed his cheek, fingers brushing the black mask that hide his face and I pulled. I watched as the wig and mask came off in my fingers, he stared shocked for a split second his eyes darkening with betrayed rage.

Oh my Angel
This was how it had to be, I thought as we fell, we hit bottom hard, the only thing holding me up was his brutal grip on my arm, he jerked me toward him, and I knew that he would never forgive, any tenderness and love there might have been died by my final act of betrayal. Oh how I wished there had been another way, a way to free us both from this insanity.

Past the point of no return
The bridge lay burnt beyond repair and if I wished to reach him it would have to be in his own way. I met his anger with my own passion, was he satisfied, had he killed, gorged himself in blood, and no was I to be his prey for lust of a different kind. Oh such pain and utter horror in those amber eyes now, and I wanted to tell him I didn't mean it, that I knew I loved him in that moment, I loved him more than all the beauty in the world.

Don't throw your life away
Dear poor sweet Raoul, coming like a knight on a white charger to my rescue, never dreaming that I did not need rescuing, for all Erik's anger and rage, he still would have never hurt me. The Angel of music was but a man deeply in love and love would not let him harm me. He was not mad, simply wounded and sticking out at those he considered his tormentors.

Illusions shattered
A thousand dreams lay lost and broken between us and I knew there was only one thing to be done, I knew now how it had to be finished. I moved with a slow, deliberate purpose toward my dark Angel. My Erik, now so beautiful in his hideousness, I touched his shoulder, I felt fire curl in my veins. He turned sharply, his eyes wide, begging for my love, for my choice, for me to end this at last. I stared into his fathomless eyes and knew at the moment what I must do.

Not alone
He tasted of sweet, tender shock, his lips trembling against mine, so unsure and frightened, barely daring to believe that this was not some dream sent to torment him more. I could not care for Raoul who watched with horrified eyes as I drew Erik's mouth to mine once more. Oh such sweet heaven in that kiss, at last it all made sense. Every thing had been leading here, his lips pressed hesitantly to mine, uncertain and yet hungry, his arms curling around my waist at last to pull me more tightly against him. I felt him relax into my embrace, even as his mouth grew more frantic against mine. The kiss went on and on, taking everything I was and giving everything he is in return and I know I will never be satisfied with anything other than this.

Phantom of the Opera Fanfiction

Erik and Christine and their companions belong firstly to Gaston Leroux, who breathed life into them, and in later years to AL Webber, and numerous others.