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Timing by ladyfae

Part One: Arms wide Open

Through the open doors he caught the sound of a sigh, he stepped closer, still not sure what he was doing here. She set legs curled beneath her small frame staring out into the night sky. Red hair mussed, and eyes red, <she’s been crying?> some over observant part of his mind that wasn’t caught by the pale moon glow color of the silken night gown she wore.

 Well I just heard the news today  It seems my life is going to change  I closed my eyes, begin to pray  Then tears of joy stream down my face

He watched as her mouth formed the words to the song playing on her Cd player, he listened for a moment surprised that she looked so sad, he couldn’t believe it this wasn’t how he was supposed to find her. He wondered fleetingly if today was a day he should remember, racking his brain he could come up with no reason for today to make her sadder then any other. He pushed his hands back through his dark hair, and stepped into the half light that flooded from the room, onto her balcony.

 With arms wide open  Under the sunlight  Welcome to this place  I’ll show you everything  With arms wide open

He waited wondering how long it would take her to notice him, her head came up almost as soon as the thought formed in his head. He waited holding her gaze for a moment, sure he would see fear flitter across her face. Her expressive eyes, only gave way surprise but not fear, and something Angel could only liken to longing whispered through him. She looked so heart- wrenchingly beautiful as she slowly stood, and began to walk toward him. The moon-glow night gown whispering seductively about her form. Her hair he noticed concentrating on her face, was longer then the last time he’d seen her a lot longer, had it really been long enough that her hair could have changed that much. <Yes, you ran away you fool.>

 Well I don’t know if I am ready  To be the man I have to be  I’ll take a breath, take her by the hand  We stand in awe, we’ve created life

Her voice was pretty Angel mussed, he’d known that, heard her sing once or twice before, and had been given the strangest sense that he’d heard something precious that she didn’t share with just anyone, of course she wasn’t aware that she’d shared it with him, save the sound of her voice softly singing along with this songs lyric.

“So you going to stay out there lurking or come in?” She asked shocking him with the sound of her voice. He gasped as he stepped closer glancing behind him somehow thinking she must be talking to someone else. She would never want him that close to her would she? She offered him a wavering smile, and he was reminded of the ruminates of tears he’d seen when he’d first found his way onto the balcony.

 With arms wide open  Under the sunlight  Welcome to this place  I’ll show you everything  With arms wide open

 He took a slow step forward moving through the barrier less doors, wondering what he was doing, he shouldn’t have been there, he growled under his breath, quieting the voices that insisted that he should melt back into the shadows and never rekindle what could have once been. He reached forward his hands aching to touch her again, as soon as his cool fingers made contact with the warmth of her cheek, Angel found his arms full of red haired hacker, crying, sobbing red- haired hacker.

He smoothed his hand’s into her long hair, whispering nonsensical words into her ear, as he held her close against his broad chest, aware of her silk clad closeness.

 Now everything has changed  I’ll show you love  I’ll show you everything  With arms wide open

Willow sighed softly burrowing into the coolness of Angel’s familiar embrace allowing the tears that she’d been valiantly fighting all day fall at last from her eyes. She sighed as he whispered soft incoherent little things in her ears. Trying to offer her some comfort, for a pain he couldn’t comprehend. <Goddess, but I’ve missed him.> She wrapped her bare arms around the vampire clinging to his solid form.”What’s wrong? Delia said you weren’t yourself?” Angel whispered against her ear, his breath catching her off guard. She smiled a little sadly up at the handsome vampire.

“Lonely,” She murmured pushing her nose back into the fabric of the silken shirt he was wearing, that’s when it dawned on her saddened mind, Angel was dressed rather nicely for a night of Willow comfort. She drew in a deep breath taking in his scent, hmm, sandalwood, and musk. Yummy. She thought pressing closer to him still.

 If I had one wish  Only one demand  I hope he’s not like me  I hope he understands  That he can take this life  and hold it by the hand  And greet the world  with arms wide open

Angel lifted her chin gently in order to peer into her bright green eyes, one hand rested on her shoulder the other stroked along her cheek, as they studied one another. “I’ve missed you,” He whispered as though it was a confession of guilt, she supposed it was on one level after all they had both belonged to someone else, when it had all began. She sighed, she no longer belonged to anyone. He leaned down then capturing her lips in a tender kiss, so reminiscent of the first kiss they had shared so long ago, a kiss that had been both first and last, or so she had believed.

 “Me too,” She whispered as he lifted his mouth slightly from hers, his hand had moved from its spot on her shoulder to slip around her waist to pull her closer, as though she would have it any other way, as if now she would pull away.

 “Is this why you were crying?”Angel asked, caught between desperate hope and object fear. Once he’d made the offer he was about to and had been turned down flat, no that wasn’t really true, she had thought about it, but the comfort and safety that HE had offered had at the time out weighted the passion he could have offered her at the time. She’d needed time, they both had at the time.

 “I thought you had moved on.” Willow whispered softly when he released her from the kiss, allowing her to draw in a much needed breath. Angel nodded, he knew she had believed that and on some level it was true, his love for her had grown up as he had changed over the time since he’d last touched her held her. One night, nothing torrid had happened between them one night where he’d been allowed to taste her lips and hold her close, neither had thought to take it further both too afraid perhaps he of losing himself and her of not being able to tell him to go.

 “Moved forward, yes, but some things didn’t change, when Delia mentioned you it was like, I had to come to see you to hold you again.” Angel admitted already hungry to kiss her soft lips again, she tasted like honey, and wildness, and smelled good enough to eat. He wasn’t even aware of his hands slowly bunching the fabric of the night gown she wore.

 “Angel?” She whispered softly uncertain. Their eyes locked, hers filled with longing and uncertainty.

 “Tell me?” He all but growled, consequences be damned, he wouldn’t let her go again, he was tired of being self righteous, tired of not getting what he wanted, and what he wanted know and would always want, was standing right before him.

 “I. . .I don’t think I should, I mean the words are... she trial off,” why lie to him she wondered. Leaning up on her toes she wrapped her arms around the handsome vampire’s neck, offering him a tender smile, she kissed him, lightly before whispering that desperately needed set of words. She saw the fire rise in his gaze felt it in the kisses that followed.

Part Two: Higher


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