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She stood in the shadow's the trembling hadn't stopped. Her long hair had been pulled back and her baggy overalls had been traded in for a trendier look. She wore a short green skirt that just skimmed above the knee showing off long shapely legs. The blouse she ware was vaguely reminiscent of a Renaissance style chemise and bodice. Tied down the center with a white satin ribbon. The moonlight material clung to her form accentuating her slender waist.
 She hadn't looked up from the table, wasn't really aware of those watching her, but then she hadn't come for them, she'd come for him on a promise. One she wasn't sure she should be keeping, but at the same time she had found she couldn't back down.
I have a window in my mind
I can turn to look right through you
Won't cost you anything but time
To see me feel like you do

She looked up when he entered, not everyone noticed him, women noticed him not that you could not notice him with his dark good looks. He was the apodeme of tall dark and handsome. As he walked toward her, she found an unwilling smile curving her lips. She'd come her tonight to remind him that they where friends, not to go all gaga over Buffy's ex vampire with a soul.

Your cold and frozen mind
Locked in a winter season
You only live your life one time
Now you must find a reason

 He settled before her at the table she'd taken when she arrived. He'd seen her come in, had been more then tempted to walk right over, only that would mean admitting that he'd been waiting for the last hour. Simply because he couldn't wait in the solitude of his apartment anymore. He needed to be out surrounded by a hundred heart beats knowing her's just by the cadence. He'd known when he'd saved her the last time that he'd lost something of himself in those green eyes. The way she'd clung to him, pleading with him not to leave her too. So he'd stayed for Willow, for himself.
I'm standing in your shoes
I feel your conscience cut right through me
Sensation, oh so cruel
You keep your pain so close and cozy

 In the beginning it was easy meeting at the bronze talking for hours till one day he looked and somehow she'd found her way into the place he'd sworn he'd never let another one of them occupy. Humans made good friends and occasional lovers but to actually fall in love with one. He'd learned his lesson with a certain vivacious blond. Maybe it was how different they where. Maybe because one day Willow had woken up and stopped being Buffy's side kick, maybe because he'd been there the day that it had all finally blown up in the slayer's face. Maybe it was time. Maybe it was the combination of the doppelganger, from the alternate universe thing, that had made Willow aware of the power. Or maybe it was simply the path that she had chosen.

I see a complicated maze
Debris of dead compassion
A love came like a hurricane
Then left its devastation

 She'd picked up the pieces of a broken relationship herself, before. Oz, it wasn't easy to think about him even after all that had happened. <My whole life I've never loved anything else.> At the time the words had stung, and she had wanted to hate him for making her feel like she had, for trying to make what had happened okay because it was the wolf and not Oz. Only it had been Oz she'd seen the way he reacted to the other werewolf, and although she knew that part of it was because she had been a wolf, she couldn't help feeling that men always wanted woman like her sexy and animalistic. Not Willow.

While you are breaking down
You're building up your best defenses
And when you finally drown
You'll lose your lover and your senses

 He'd watched her pick up the pieces choosing to come to his new play ground. She'd spent a year in LA. He'd known she was there for about a month before he had seen her for himself. Cordelia had reported that she had moved there for the semester. At the time it had seemed strange but so much of his time had been bound up in helping the hopeless and himself he hadn't really thought of Willow as needing his help. Till Doyle's vision. Yeah they where handy and they always lead to dangerous things, but he'd never thought they would lead him to what he found. The small white piece of paper. <Willow, The stones, 12:00am> Angel had panicked the stones where bad news.
 She had gotten mixed up with one of the most powerful local covens. The only problem was that the year and a day wait was ended with the dedicates death. Literally. The Covens elders where all vampires. The end had lead to a rather nasty blood bath, a messed up kitchen and Willow sleeping on his bed.

I'll be the padding in your cell
An iceberg floating in your hell
You can lean on me
Believe in someone or in something

A week turned into a month a month into two and down the line till the extra room had become her's and flesh flowers decorated the kitchen table and human food was a common site in his home. Perhaps the strangest and most unexpected arrival in his home had been laugher the sound of it and the fact that it was indeed contagious. He had forgotten what it was like to be around some one who laughed, fully completely enjoying the sensation of joy as completely and fully as any other.

The sun is shining brightThe sky is blue and waiting for you
Stay inside your darkened room
And all your troubles will consume you
The sun is shining bright
The sky is blue and waiting for you
Stay inside your darkened room
And all your troubles will consume you

 The only thing that dampened their spirits was the very real looming of the end of a year. How did one measure a year he remembered wondering along with the song she had begun to play as the year ended almost as though she too looked forward to the ending the way one does a funeral. He wanted her to stay, never to go away from him. She'd left and taken a part of him with her, and only now staring down at her bright gaze did he realize that, that missing piece was meant for her all the while. He held out his hand to her. Waiting.

Depression is a sin
Your temple is a prison
Tomorrow breaks you down again

 She reached for his hand. The music was slowly changing. She shivered as the rhythm changed. She allowed herself to be drawn out of her chair. She trembled as arms encircled her, holding her willing captive. She rested her head against his chest listening to the silence behind the firm wall of muscle. She clung to him, her body molded firmly against his hip to hip.

Your soul committing treason
Tomorrow breaks you down
Tomorrow breaks you down again

 She watched from among the shadows, shocked he'd been right. She hadn't wanted to believe it. After all she was the love of his sire's undead life. Not that short plain ordinary wisp of a girl. She was the chosen one. How dare he look at her with such adoring eyes. When he'd told her he thought Angel liked her, Buffy had shrugged it of as nothing more then friendship. Angel valued his friends he had few, and he'd just lost one.
 "It was bound to happen." Whispered a voice from behind her, "He was bound to find her, she's his match. Would you really begrudge him what you've found, and only haven't taken?"
            "But he's a vampire, and one without soul."
 "Well then I guess you wont have to worry about him losing it will you?"
Your soul committing treason
Committing treason


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