'Wildly my mind beats against you, yet the soul obeys. '
~Christine, AL Webber's The Phantom of the Opera


Phantom of the Opera-Gaston Leroux
Phantom- Susan Kay
these two are perhaps the most well known, the original and a recent addition.
Kay's Phantom is perhaps one of my favorite Phantom works.
Phantom of the Opera-Andrew Lloyd Webber
Phantom-Kopit and Yeston
There are far more musical versions of this story, but oddly these are my two favorites.
I've seen both of these Musicals a couple of times and have trouble choosing which one I like best, I adore them for separate reasons.
Yeston/Kopit always makes me feel as if Christine was truly in love with him and merely confused, and Webber's it depends on who is playing the parts, because Webber's Phantom can be so many different things from Child like and sweet, to dangerously seductive and murderously psychotic.
Silent movie
a number of forgetable horror movies
and a rather impressive mini series based off the Kopit Yeston musical.

Each piece of phanfiction will tell you what version it was inspired by.

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