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Will You be there?
By Ladyfae

Angel watched her sleep, unable to allow it to claim him. He was afraid
that when he woke, she would no longer be laying beside him. It was
irrational, that fear, and yet he couldn't shake it. He reached forward with
a careful hand to caress the hair that fell in waves of crimson on his
pillow. He was surprised to see his fingers tremble. He dipped his hand into
the blood red silk, sighing in pleasure as it slid easily throw his fingers
in a lover's caress that sent chills of pleasure through him. Slowly and
with great care he traced the edge of her cheek with weightless fingers. She
sighed, turning away from him in her sleep. He chuckled soundlessly, he
didn't begrudge her that. He'd only just given her over to sleep. He'd loved
her till she could barely move, until she was pliant, soft and willing
beneath him.

I'm lying beside you just thinking about us
Too tired to go to sleep and too much in love
I know I'm crazy but I can't close my eyes
I'm scared you won't be there in the morning when I rise
Will you be there?

She turned over after a moment. His hand's insistent touch finally coercing
her to look at him. She offered him a sleepy, exhausted smile, her lips
curving, her eyes lighting. No words were needed, they had said everything
they had needed to say. Love had been offered , taken and returned
wholeheartedly. Angel marveled at that. He could still remember how she had
ended up here, how they had gone from friends to lovers. He supposed every
relationship had a catalyst and theirs was no different. However, the
catalyst in this case was unlike any other. Necessity had brought them
together. He'd needed help on a case and she was the only person he'd been
able to think of that would understand what he was doing, and wouldn't think
it strange.

Who do you dream about are you alone in your sleep?
To who will you reach out?
Oh, let it be me
Oh baby, you're my obsession, my addiction, my drug
Don't want to be without you when I wake up

Willow had entered his heart slowly. He'd always found that he liked her,
but when like had turned to something else he wasn't exactly sure. There was
no single moment he could pinpoint, no sudden lightning strike. It was
simply something that had happened over time. More then a month, or even a
year. The hacker had been traveling from Sunnydale to L.A. for nearly a
year, helping him when he needed it both on cases and sometimes just to be
there when he needed a friend. A year and then things started to change. She
had come to help with a case, and he'd felt himself freeze with horror when
she'd been beaten up by one of the vampire lackeys that Wolfram and Hart had sent after him. He'd never been frozen with fear before, not even when Buffy had been in mortal danger. That had been the first warning.

Will you be there in the morning, will you be there when I want you?
Will you be there when I wake up, Oh I need you to be there in the morning Will you be there?

Then she left again after that. He'd wanted her to stay, but the strange
feelings her presence was evoking within him had worried him. But he always
found reasons to have her come back and help him. Angel found himself
addicted to the redhead's presence, and he accepted that. It was just a fact
of his life.

There were times when he wondered if she'd known, known that he felt as he
did. Perhaps known even before he did. Because the ultimate truth was that
he was in love with her. He chuckled silently, remembering the moment he
realized it was true, he'd fallen in love with Willow.

Well, you're so close to me but I feel so alone
The more I touch you the more I want
Don't know what to do about me loving you
but I pray to God that you feel it too
You're my obsession, my addiction, my drug,
so let the candle grow into a
great fire of love


He could still remember the sensation of realizing that his soul was his,
that he'd would never lose it again, that he could be with Willow and never
worry of things going too far between them or of having to constantly pull
away. Going back to the Slayer had never even entered his mind. The first
thing that had entered his mind, was Willow. She had been there with him
when he found out. She had been the one whom he'd lifted in his arms and
twirled around in utter happiness.

Will you be there in the morning,
will you be there when I want you?
Will you be there when I wake up?
I need you to be there in the morning!
I wanna love you forever,

This time when she'd come to help him, he'd secretly vowed that she wouldn't
be leaving. Not unless it was to get some of her stuff, she would be staying
with him, because he couldn't stand to let her go again. Nearly six months
later, she hadn't left his side yet. She was still lay in his arms and in
his life. For the first time in his life, the vampire was happy, content.
Angel sighed, it wasn't that they had immediately fallen into bed with each
other. That hadn't happened, nor had he expected it to. It took time, and he
hadn't complained about the waiting. When Willow had at last come to his
bed, and given herself to him, he understood why she had waited.

Don't want a love that's now or never
Can't you see you got me down on the floor.
I want more more!

For Willow making love was the truly the ultimate expression of her feelings
for another. She held nothing back from him. Last night she had given of
herself so freely, it had been amazing. The marks on her neck today were a
testament to how very much she loved him.

"Have you slept at all?", she asked softly, running her fingers down his
chest, and splaying a hand across his stomach.

"No," he admitted, leaning down to capture her lips with his own. She sighed softly, returning the kiss hungrily. Angel smiled against her mouth.

"Again?", he questioned teasingly.

Will you be there in the morning,
will you be there when I want you?
Will you be there when I wake up?
Will you be there in the morning?
Will you be there?

"Well I've got to tire you out somehow", the hacker answered, drawing him
down on top of her.

"Works for me," the vampire muttered before losing himself in the satin
smoothness of her form.

Will You Be There (In The Morning) Heart


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